Apple Spring Loaded event preview: Everything We Know So Far

Get ready for the biggest Apple event of the year. The “Spring Loaded” event teases numerous new products and updates. According to the speculations, this could include the iPad Pro 2021, AirTags, and a new iMac, as well as a possible AirPods 3 and new Apple TV. The event takes place on April 20, at 10 a.m. PDT / 1 p.m. EDT. 

The following article has everything we can expect from the event. We strongly believe that there were be major news regarding iPad Pro and AirTags, but we could also see the new iMac, AirPods 3, and new Apple TV. 

iPad Pro 2021

The iPad Pro 2021 is a sure thing to be revealed at Apple’s April event. There have already been a plethora of leaks regarding the device which give us an idea of the device’s features and what we can expect it will look like.

According to reports by MacOtakara, the “housing design will be unchanged” though we wouldn’t be surprised to see thinner bezels, fewer speaker holes, and a camera bump that protrudes slightly less. The new iPad will be completely revamped in some ways; it will come in an 11-inch and a 12.9-inch model. Apple may also be gearing up to switch out its current LCD technology for mini-LED screens, which should result in a wider contrast ratio and deeper blacks. Additionally, it will have 5G support and a refreshed keyboard.


These trackers will make use of Bluetooth and Ultra-Wideband technology, plus the Find My app, to help users locate misplaced gadgets. It will be extremely surprising if the AirTags do not make an appearance at the Apple April event.

AirTags should cost less than $50 apiece and will be must-haves for Apple device owners since they are ideal for people who constantly lose important objects such as keys. AirTags have been indirectly referenced in iOS 14.5, so they’re certainly under development.

iMac 2021

The iMac 2021 is said to be a sleeker design with much more power. Although Apple had previously confirmed that it is no longer manufacturing the iMac Pro, it seems efforts are now concentrated on creating a more innovative iMac 2021 that will run on Apple Silicon Chip.

It has been a while since Apple significantly updated the iMac, so it seems likely that 2021 will finally be the year that the company gives one of its flagship products a thorough update. Rumors and speculations reveal that the design will be something similar to the Pro Display XDR, at a much more affordable price. We’ve also heard that the new iMac 2021 could come in five colors, similar to the recent iPad Air. Apple may also move to a mini LED on the device.

AirPods 3

AirPods have been Apple’s greatest success ever since its launch in 2016. The latest variation of the wireless buds is all set to launch in 2021. Reports are indicating that AirPods 3 will ditch the traditional design, and opt for something much closer to the look of the AirPods Pro.  The revamped AirPods are also rumored to be getting active noise canceling from the Pro model, alongside Dolby Atmos support and spatial audio. But we’ll have to wait and see on that.

We can expect a new design, as well as new features, however, rumors are suggesting that the price of AirPods 3 will surge to $199. That is a massive jump in price as compared to the previous versions.

Apple TV

With Apple TV, the massive change we can expect is the new internal hardware known as A-series chipset, to make navigating tvOS snappier than ever before while also boosting Apple Arcade gameplay. We’re also hoping that the rumors of a new, easier-to-use Apple TV remote control will come true since it’s one of Apple TV’s weak points.

iPad Mini 2021

The iPad Pro may not be the only device to get a makeover this year. The iPad mini has not been updated since 2016 hence we can expect a revamped design at the event. The device is not so miniature anymore, the latest model supposedly has an 8.4-inch screen, Touch ID, and lighting charging. Rumors reveal that the design will be similar to that of iPad Pro with slimmer bezels and no home button; this might be just wishful thinking. However, the iPad has always been ideal for carrying out everyday tasks such as getting rid of duplicate photos and much more.

Summing Up

We don’t know about you but we are beyond ecstatic about this event and are sure won’t be disappointed. For now, let’s wait and see what’s revealed at the mega event.

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