Apple’s storefront has a new look

Apple gas created its eco-system of products over the years. The company has covered phones, laptops, and even watches. Its devices have their OS and native applications which make Apple products one of a kind. The Silicon-Valley based company is constantly revamping old designs and products to stand out in an extremely competitive market. The latest venture to get the revamping treatment is the Apple online store.

The online Apple Store has reopened with a new tab, a new appearance, and a whole lot of new puns after shutting down for an hour late Tuesday night for no apparent reason.

Apple’s storefront returns with a new look

Apple has been selling things online for years, but since the last revamp in 2015, it hasn’t had a proper shop that encourages browsing. Products still have to have buy buttons that go to certain portions of the site with this new appearance, but you don’t have to jump through hoops or hunt for a specific product to explore the digital shelves. The leftmost option, next to the Apple logo, now says “Store,” as it did six years ago, and clicking it takes you to “The best way to buy the items you love,” according to Apple.

It’s unquestionably superior, and it’s a lot closer to the iOS and iPadOS apps. The store’s front page is crammed with links to Apple’s lineup of products, as well as a series of cards touting the latest releases with catchy slogans like “Stick Out” (MagSafe) and “A World of Winning Looks” (Apple Watch International Collection bands).

Although you can still locate things in a previous manner, the new design is more likely to stimulate spontaneous purchases. The AirTag, for example, is highlighted, as is the HomePod mini. With dedicated cards in the center of the page, shopping assistance and tech support are also easier to discover.

Summing Up

The design is quite stimulating, with multiple rows of cards and clickable elements, but it still lacks something. Nevertheless, it’s feasible that Apple won’t need to close down the shop for hours every time it adds a new product, a peculiar habit that’s endearing to Apple aficionados but perplexing to anyone seeking to buy something during the outage.

In Other News

While the online Apple Store has been revamped, there have been no major changes in the App Store. The store however has seen a surge in apps that carry out file switch and other utility functions. At this point in time, we cannot be certain if a new trend is on the rise or if it is just a momentary rise. The rise of utility apps does make sense since due to the pandemic even the most mundane tasks have moved to the virtual realm hence people are turning to apps to solve their problems. Whatever the reason, we shall keep a close eye on it and let you know if any major changes are observed. 

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