Google working on ‘Switch to Android’ app

Google is a technological force to be reckoned with. It has evolved into one of the most successful businesses, with a whole product ecosystem. The tech mogul is known for adjusting to his consumers’ needs and delivering high-quality products.

Its latest venture is a, ‘Switch to Android’ app. Changing platforms has always been a hassle, transferring data from an Android device to iOS or vice versa is quite challenging. With no native apps available people often have to rely on third-party applications which are not reliable. It seems Google has finally recognized the need of iOS transfer apps and his working on its own version.

Switch to Android

The official method for transferring data from your iPhone to a new Android device is to back it up to Google Drive and then download it again on your new phone. This backs up your most vital data and photos, but not your apps or anything else you don’t instruct it to.

We found hints of a Google-developed “Switch to Android” app for iOS, similar to Apple’s “Move to iOS” app for Android, in the recent upgrade to version 1.0.382048734 of Android’s official “Data Restore Tool.”

Rather than replicating your data via a USB-C to Lightning connector, the Switch to Android app flow appears to create a local WiFi network (similar to a hotspot) on your Android. You’ll connect to this new network on your iPhone, and the two applications will handle the rest.

With the addition of “Switch to Android,” much of the content in the Data Restore Tool has been changed to highlight that your apps can be copied from your iPhone. It’s unclear how this would work, other than Google having a table that recognizes the Android equivalents of various iOS apps and downloads them from the Play Store. Any purchased apps, of course, would not be able to be transferred to Android without first purchasing the Android version.

Three Simple Steps

Users just have to follow three easy steps to transfer their data.

  1. Download the Switch to Android app from the App Store
  2. Go to your Wi-Fi settings
  3. Select a  network and enter a password

Summing Up

The Switch to Android app is currently unavailable on the App Store, but it should be available soon. It’s surprising that Google took this long to give an equivalent to Apple’s “Move to iOS” tool, which has been available for well over five years.

However, till the Switch to Android is available for the mass population users can still opt for the data transfer applications already available on Google PlayStore. Most apps work seamlessly and you get all your pricessless content transferred from one device to another within minutes. You will be able to migrate pictures, videos, calendars, call logs, SMS and even apps. Since there are a plethora of data transfer apps available, let us know if you would like a review of the best ones out there. 

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