How to teach Google Assistant to pronounce names

Google Assistant is the Android equivalent of Siri. Over, the years’ Google has improved the virtual assistant to maximize its usage. Thanks to the new feature, Google Assistant is getting a better way to correct its name pronunciation, as well as improved contextual awareness when it comes to setting and changing timers with your voice. The update is expected to roll out in the next few days.

How to correct pronunciation?

You can finally program Google to correctly pronounce your name in just a few simple steps. You can say your name out loud, and Google will try to learn the pronunciation. You can even correct it through the old method which was spelling out the way you wanted your name pronounced.

Simply go to the Google Assistant settings, then Basic Info, then Nickname. It is worth mentioning that you cannot eliminate your text name from the pronunciation.

Additional Features

The update is also adding more contextual awareness to timers, using its language understanding tech known as “BERT.” In practice, it should unlock all sorts of functionality: the ability to say things like “cancel my second timer,” and canceling named timers without having to use the exact name that you gave.

It should also fix the issue that when you tell the Assistant to add an hour to a previously set alarm, it’ll most likely just create an alarm for an hour in the future. With the new language processing, it should understand that you want your alarm to go off an hour later than it was originally set for.

Summing Up

Google is attempting to tune the Assistant to the natural voice. It aims to make the Assistant understand and adapt to natural speeches for example If I ask the Assistant to “Find the best gallery cleaner apps, umm or duplicate videos finder”. It should be able to process the pause and fumble in speech and produce accurate results.  

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