Instagram brings new “Stories” layout for desktop users

Let me say this! Unless you are living under a rock, you must be using Instagram – one of the most popular applications among youngsters, teens, business personnels and organizations.

Instagram is a Facebook-owned photo sharing platform that has recently rolled out new layout for the “Stories” feature for its desktop users. The company has reportedly been testing out a new design for its desktop version of the app since Jan, 2021. Now, it has official rolled out the update and it seems like browsing the Instagram stories from desktop app would now be less clunky and a bit easier.

The new layout is likely in-accordance with usage patterns. Over the long run, Stories have become progressively famous; in any event, overriding the news feed as far as engagement is concerned. Thusly, it appears to be likely that, at some stage, Instagram will put more focus on Stories over the regular news feed, at any rate as an alternative, which could at last see the application open to Stories, as TikTok does with its full-screen feed of video clips, making it the vital feature of the application.

Knowing the New Layout for Desktop “Stories”

With the recent format, the Stories would appear as a carousel rather than a single tile that previously used to take up the whole space. Now, users can easily see what is signaled up next and also the content that just played. That makes it simpler to flip through your various Stories stream in a more committed way.

The stories would now appear as similar to the minuscule circles at the top of the users’ feeds and users can tap and see whatever story they want to see, on the full-screen. See the image below.


This is a trivial change, yet it is noticeable as it will improve the functionality of the desktop application features and makes it all the more appealing to use, particularly as people are on their PCs all the more every now and again while telecommuting in the times of Covid-19. It would also help small business for swift media sharing to their clients.

A representative from Instagram, recently, disclosed to Endgadget that Instagram started pilot testing of the new feature by making it available to a “small group” of Instagram users.

To Sum Up

Generally, Instagram has left Stories unaltered for quite a long time. The format is consistent, with posts being fleeting.

The vast majority of Instagram’s progressions to the design or format come as imaginative tools, such as stickers for private ventures and new textual styles. For the time being, Instagram is steadfastly zeroing in on Reels, its TikTok rival, with Stories accepting minor updates to keep it new.

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