Instagram’s TikTok rival, Reels, launches ads worldwide

Instagram Reels are now displaying advertisements. The startup announced today that businesses and advertisers around the world would be able to buy ads in Reels, its short-form video platform, and its TikTok competitor. Like Reels, the ads will be up to 30 seconds long and vertical in format, similar to those available on Instagram Stories. The new commercials will loop, just like Reels, and viewers will be able to like, comment on, and save them, just like previous Reels films.

Reels Ads

Reels commercials were first tested in a few regions early this year, including India, Brazil, Germany, and Australia, before being expanded to Canada, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States more recently. BMW, Nestlé, Louis Vuitton, Netflix, Uber, and others were among the first to adopt the new format.

The ads will show in between individual Reels submitted by users and will display in most areas where users view Reels content, including the Reels tab, Reels in Stories, Reels in Explore, and Reels in your Instagram Feed, according to Instagram. To be given a Reels ad, however, the user must first be in the immersive, full-screen Reels viewer.

The Facebook-owned platform couldn’t say how frequently a user could see a Reels ad because the number of advertising a user sees depends on how they use Instagram. However, the tech company claims to be analyzing user opinion on the advertising themselves as well as the general commerciality of Reels.

Reels advertisements, like Instagram’s other ad offerings, will debut with an auction-based strategy. However, based on experiments, Instagram has so far refused to reveal any performance numbers about how those ads are performing. It also does not currently provide advertisers with any creation tools or templates to assist them in getting started with Reels ads. Because Reels advertisements are comparable to other vertical video ads found elsewhere, including on Instagram’s competitors, Instagram is likely assuming marketers already have creative assets on hand or know how to create them.

While vertical video has already demonstrated its ability to attract visitors to e-commerce retail sites, Instagram has yet to employ Reels advertisements to drive people to its built-in Instagram Shops, but it appears to be a logical next step as it tries to integrate the many elements of the program.

However, before taking that step, Instagram may need to make Reels a more enticing destination – something that other TikTok competitors, including both Snap and YouTube, have done by directly supporting creator content. Meanwhile, Instagram had made direct proposals to TikTok stars.

Worth Mentioning

Though Reels is merely a part of the bigger Instagram platform, Instagram and TikTok now have over a billion monthly active users worldwide. Instagram Stories, for example, has 500 million users, demonstrating Instagram’s capacity to generate traffic to other parts of its platform. Instagram wouldn’t say how many users Reels has right now.

In Other News

There appears to be an increase in the number of utility apps available on play stores across platforms. Because people are confined to their houses due to the epidemic, they do not have access to recreational activities that require them to leave their homes. As a result, individuals have begun to rely on applications for simple chores like managing duplicate contacts. It is unclear if the trend will continue or decline as people start returning to their “normal” routines.

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