The iPhone 13 series may receive a much-needed battery upgrade

Apple is one of the most well-known smartphone manufacturers in the world. It is well-known for staying up to date with trends and providing customers with fresh, inventive designs. Apple never discloses details about its projects, but according to recent rumors and leaks from reputable sources, the iPhone 13 appears to be the company’s most ambitious handset yet.

While Apple’s iPhones are high-end devices there seems to be a constant issue with the battery which has prevailed till the iPhone 12. When compared to other smartphones, the iPhone’s battery drains faster even with normal usage. It seems that Apple is finally addressing the issue and giving the iPhone 13 lineup a much-needed battery upgrade.

iPhone 13 Battery Upgraded

We’ve heard a lot about the iPhone 13 series is that the new phones will all have bigger batteries than their predecessors, and now there’s additional proof of that.

According to reliable sources, Apple is moving the circuit board design for the iPhone 13 range from a rigid-flex to a flexible one, which should take up less space in the phone and so allow for larger batteries. Similar reports have emerged before, with renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claiming that Apple will utilize a space-saving design to allow for larger batteries, for example. As a result, it appears that this will occur.

That isn’t the only thing this new report claims. It also confirms prior reports that the iPhone 13 will be powered by an A15 Bionic chipset manufactured using a 5nm+ manufacturing technology. Although this does not appear to be a significant increase over the 5nm technology utilized by the A14 Bionic in the iPhone 12 series, it does appear to provide improved performance and efficiency.

These current rumors and speculations join others in claiming that the range will support mmWave 5G outside of the United States. That’s a faster version of 5G than the sub-6GHz that iPhone 12 models sold outside the US are limited to, however, it requires the necessary infrastructure, which isn’t yet available in many places.

Furthermore, the rumor mill claims that Apple will stick to its present “aggressive price policy” in order to boost sales. While no specific costs are mentioned, the discussion of sticking with the present strategy suggests that the iPhone 13 will cost the same as the iPhone 12.

Summing Up

Apple seems to be revisiting and remodeling a lot of its products lately. Recently, it revamped its entire storefront. While the online Apple Store has been updated, the App Store has remained largely unchanged. However, there has been a spike in apps that perform file sharing and other utility operations in the market. At this stage, it’s impossible to say whether a new trend is forming or if it’s merely a fad.

The rise of utility applications makes sense, as even the most routine chores have moved to the virtual sphere as a result of the pandemic, and people are looking to apps to address their concerns. Whatever the reason, we’ll keep a watch on it and let you know if anything significant changes.

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