Top 5 Apps to Manage Your Address Book & Messages on Android

It is often quite a hassle to manage your phone’s contacts, calls, and messages. Sorting out the clutter takes time and requires you to perform a lot of cumbersome tasks especially if you haven’t de-cluttered your device in a while. We have tested out some utility apps for your management needs and selected the most efficient and swift applications.

It is worth noting that while default apps are available on Android, they are often so outdated that you are forced to look for alternatives.

Why default apps don’t work?

All Android devices come with a phone book, a phone app for making calls, and text messaging apps pre-installed, along with a slew of additional system apps. Unfortunately, the majority of these apps are overly simple and offer little functionality. Here’s when a third-party contact and messaging software comes in handy. They can improve the user experience by providing a more intuitive interface and additional functionality such as spam filtering, contact management, and message backup.

We’ve compiled a list of free contacts and messaging apps that you can get straight now from the Play Store.

1.      SMS Clean- Free SMS, Backup

SMS Clean, created by Microsoft’s Garage team, is one of the best programs for reorganizing your text messages. Using machine learning, the software can group all communications into distinct categories such as personal, transactional, and promotional. It also features an area for old messages. It maintains track of the number of unread messages to ensure that a user does not miss any crucial messages. It also sends out automatic reminders for an impending movie or travel itinerary that the user has booked based on the communications.

2.      SMS Backup and Restore

When you reset your phone, all of your data is erased, including messages and contacts. While contacts are automatically backed up if they are synchronized with a Google account, messages do not have this option. Carbonite’s SMS backup and restore program, which is situated in Switzerland, can assist customers by regularly backing up their texts in XML file format on Dropbox or Google Drive.

Furthermore, Users can either set an automatic backup or manually pick which communications are more critical. Messages that have been backed up can also be restored on fresh smartphones.

3.      Drupe- contacts, phone dialler & caller ID

Drupe is an all-in-one dialer that includes a call blocker, call recorder, and the ability to access other calling apps like WhatsApp, Google Duo, and Facebook Messenger without having to switch to them. It differs from other contacts and dialer apps in that it makes use of bubbles and gesture controls.

This app has a lot more personalization options. It contains several useful features, such as a missed call manager and contact-based reminders, and the user may apply new themes to customize the way it looks. The missed calls manager displays missed calls as floating bubbles rather than storing them in a list, while contact reminders allow users to set reminders for calls they want to make later.

4.      Google Contacts

Anyone may now download Google’s official Contacts app, which was previously only available on Google’s Nexus and Pixel smartphones. It differs from the default contact app in that it focuses on keeping Contacts clutter-free and organized. It can detect duplicate contacts and combine them so that you can see all of the contacts for the same individual in one location. By switching between Google accounts on the same device, a user can access messages from various Google accounts in one spot.

5.      SMS Messages Backup & Restore

The greatest of all SMS transfer programs is the SMS messages Backup & Restore software, which allows you to easily move contacts by moving your essential data to a new handset. You’ll never have to be concerned about losing your important messages again. It’s a great way to send and receive SMS messages on smartphones and tablets.

Summing Up

Any of the above-mentioned apps will be perfect for managing your contacts, messages, and calls. However, we would highly recommend SMS Messages Backup & Restore. It has an intuitive UI and is a secure plus free app.

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