Top 9 Duplicate Photo Cleaner Apps for 2021

We are aware that people love to click multiple photos to immortalize a memory in a photograph. It is worth noting though that photos and videos shot in high resolution also take a remarkable amount of storage. Previously, Apple had provided a short-term solution by introducing High-Efficiency Video Format (HEVF) and High-Efficiency Image Format (HEIF). Once the images/videos have been converted to these formats, they take up less space but in the long run, this is not an ideal solution.

If you let duplicate and similar media accumulate they might slow down your phone, make your iPhone’s library cluttered and limit space.

To save high-quality photos/videos, you need to get rid of the duplicate and similar media cluttering your gallery. Now the question is how can comb through thousands of images and videos to delete the duplicates? The answer is simple; you need a swift and efficient duplicate cleaner application.

We have gone through multiple duplicate Cleaner applications and picked the top 9 for you.  

1.      Duplicate Photos Fixer

Duplicate Photos Fixer has been developed by Systweak Software. This particular application has a simple user interface which makes it easy to understand. It scans and shows you the duplicates within a few seconds by default and keeps the first image from the group of duplicates unmarked and the rest marked for you to delete. There is even an option that lets you manually select the duplicates you want to delete.

After selecting which images and videos you want to delete, you can remove the duplicate media is just one tap. You even have the option of backing up your files before deleting them in case you accidentally deleted a precious memory.

2.      Photo Cleaner- Album organizer

Photo Cleaner- Album organizer is from Jinpyo Hong. If you are in need of an app that enables you to remove duplicates while simultaneously manage your Photo albums then this one is ideal for you. It even has an option that allows you to compress your duplicates instead of deleting them. All of your compressed duplicate images and videos will be saved on your device.

3.      CleanUp- Photo Album Editor

CleanUp- Photo Album Editor is by Fly Soup.  The standout feature of this application is its smart and innovative UI. It has a creative way for users to signal out duplicate media. You can swipe right or left to compare duplicates and select the ones that you want to delete. It also enables you to delete numerous images and videos in one go. This app provides you with an easy and simple way to delete duplicate and redundant media in a bulk.

4.      Remove Master for Camera Roll

Remove Master for Camera Roll has been released by Alunt Apps. This application regularly reminds users to clean unwanted photos from their iPhones. To ensure you do not get the annoying ‘run out of storage’ error, you need to periodically get rid of duplicates and similar photos plus videos. After you have used the app to clean unwanted and duplicate media, you access them in the Deleted Photos folder or just simply clean the folder as well.

5.      ITL Photo Cleaner

ITL Photo Cleaner is a product of Innovana thinklabs. It detects duplicate pictures at an ultra-fast speed and the deleting process is effortless. This app has features such a compact viewing that displays images in groups. Additionally, the application settings are flexible which lets the user filter scan results by GPS, similarity level, and time gaps. It also incorporates auto mark functionality to easily delete duplicate photos from iPhone. Plus users can preview every picture before deleting it.

6.      Cleen Photos

Cleen Photos was developed by Shiyi InfoTech. The standout feature of this application is its UI. When you’re going through your pictures, you have the option to swipe up to add it to favorites, down to move it to trash, and left to review the image later. It also lets you compile your photos into a single photo book. Easily declutter your gallery and customize the app as you like.

7.      Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover is provided by Remo Software. This application has optimum scanning speed and is easy to use. It allows you to drag and drop photos to delete them and provides you image details including size, resolution, date, and more. Its commanding algorithm finds duplicate photos on iPhone with sharp accuracy. It even lets you preview images before deletion.

8.      Gemini Photos

Gemini Photos is the product of MacPaw Inc. This is one of the optimum duplicate photo finders on the Apple store. It does not only detect duplicate images but also finds low-quality photos. You easily and swiftly delete all the duplicate and low-grade images present in your iPhone gallery. Moreover, it even provides you with suggestions about good photos that are worth the storage space. With this application, you can delete screenshots, duplicates, pictures of text, and such other clutter.

9.      Clutterfly

Clutterfly is by Aomata LLC. Clutterfly app is the only way to sort out your gallery. Its advanced algorithm scans and detects duplicate and similar media in your phone gallery such as screenshots, photos of text, and more. It efficiently deletes all the duplicate and similar media. Plus its intuitive UI is easy to operate. You no longer need to worry about your device’s storage. 

So which one should you use?

Any of these applications will declutter your iPhone’s gallery efficiently and swiftly. Most of these applications have customization options that allow you to alter the application and its setting according to your preference.

However, if we had to select just one application, we would go for Clutterfly. It is an intuitive application for all your duplicate finder needs. It does all the hard work for you. It declutters and optimizes piles for forgotten screenshots, pictures, random blurred shots, and other pixel-dust that take up lots of your phone’s storage with just a few taps. 

Try these out and determine which one works best plus adheres to your needs.    

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